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The Ultimate Guide to Lima Beach Canggu Bali

The Ultimate Guide to Lima Beach Canggu Bali, Canggu has been the talk of many people in recent years and Lima Beach Canggu it’s one of the secret spot in Canggu that not many people know.

Canggu is complete – Waves, cafes, beach clubs and local vibes. This is a great opportunity to try to find somewhere else to explore a different vibe around Canggu, which is what we did.

We found Canggu’s Lima Beach, which has not been explored by many and still has a local vibe and uncrowded beaches.

Lima Beach Canggu is located after Pererenan Beach Canggu. Without further ado, here is the Ultimate Guide to Lima Beach Canggu and all the info.

The Ultimate Guide to Lima Beach Canggu Bali

How to get at Lima Beach Canggu Bali

Lima Beach Canggu is located to the west of Canggu Pererenan Beach, that is, you only need to walk along the Pererenan short cut, 10 minutes from the heart of Canggu, you will arrive.

Google Maps to Lima Beach Canggu.

Rice fields and Small road, two things that you will find heading to this beach.

The development towards this beach is not that much so it still guarantees you a beautiful view.

If you are organised traveler, you can order a motorbike at Rent Scooters with Delivery.

They offer you several types of motorbikes and each has a different price, starting from 80k to 300k.

Parking Area at Lima Beach Canggu is not too wide, so I prefer a scooter over a car or walking along the beach from Canggu beach is also possible.

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Lima Beach Canggu Opening Times

Lima Beach Canggu, Open 24 hours but parking attendants only work from 6am to 8pm.

Lima Beach Canggu Entrance Fee

Parking at Lima Beach Canggu Bali, you only need to pay 10k for a car and 2k for a motorbike and you can park on this beach all day long.

Time to Visit Echo Beach + Tips

The best time to go to Lima Beach Canggu is during Dry Session or around April – September. in this month it rarely rains and you can get sunny weather all day.

In Dry Session, you can relax and enjoy the hot sun with an average temperature of 28° C.

In contrast to the Wet Session at the end of the year, you will likely find more cloudy weather than sunny days.

You can come to this spot every time, sunrise, noon or sunset.

most of the time this place is quite, weekend you’ll bit more people around this spot but overall this beach is quite compare than other beaches in Canggu.

Prefer your slim flip flop to come to this Beach, the sand gets hot during the day and hurt your toes.

You will find a lot of Small local places, prepare your cash will help because they don’t prepare a card.

What to Expect at Lima Beach Canggu

Black sands, quite and chill!!

Lima Beach Canggu doesn’t have the same vibes as the other beaches in Canggu, here it’s more like local vibes.

Lima Beach Canggu
Some Locals Warung close to the Beach
Lima Beach Canggu
Lima Beach Canggu Entrance

The Best things are this place are mostly visited by local people around, not that many people know this spot.

Relax and Quite in your mind right now? Lima Beach is your choice and they guarantee 100% good vibes.

Lima Beach Canggu
View incredible
Lima Beach Canggu
Quite Lima Beach Canggu

Surf at Lima Beach Canggu? yes but not for you guys who are still beginners, Yaps its beginners alert.

This spot has amazing waves for intermediate and advanced but unfortunately its to dangerous for beginners.

If you’re an organised traveler who wants everything planned, you can book your surf lessons in advance at

For private class about 400k per person and they will also match the waves to your surf level around Canggu.

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What to pack in Bali

All in – one International Adaptor

Photography Camera



Day Bag

Slim Flip Flop

Quick Dry Travel Towel

Waterproof Phone Punch

The Smallest and lightest power bank

Reef Safe Suncream

Light Weight Rain Jacket

Where to Stay in Canggu

Accommodation in Canggu Bali

Luxury – Como Uma Canggu

One of the Best 5 Stars Hotels in Canggu. Como Uma Canggu is right on the beach at Echo Beach Canggu Bali. You can feel the luxury of the hotel right close to the beach view.

There are several rooms that have a private pool which is located on the top floor. And for those of you who want to enjoy a massage after everything we’ve been through will be very exciting.

The shuttle service is ready to take you to travel around Canggu to look around.

Wifi is available in every room with fast capacity, everything has been arranged beautifully for your holiday in Canggu Bali.

Mid Budget – Rhythm & Rumble

Ryhtem and Rumbel located 5 minutes from Pererenan beach, is one of the luxurious places at an affordable price.

Providing a place to work, a swimming pool, a restaurant makes this place one of the best for those of you who want to stay at an affordable place.

You can do all kinds of sporty activities, namely surfing, boxing and fitness to try or stay fit in Canggu.

Budget – Bima Sakti House Canggu

affordable and has complete facilities, Bima Sakti is one of your choices for travelers to Canggu.

Room provide Tv, Towels and shower and provide wifi for each room making this place suitable for those of you who want to reduce room costs for your trip.

The location right in the heart of Canggu makes it easy for you to get around Canggu.

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