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The Incredible Guide to Pasut Beach Bali

The Incredible Guide to Pasut Beach Bali, Black Sands, Palm Trees and Hidden Gems! more to know about this hidden spot in Bali here!

Bali Island of Gods, There are a lot of spots in Bali that have their own uniqueness, beautiful cliffs, graceful coconut trees, orange sunsets and many more.

One of the paradises for Hidden Gem Bali seekers is Pasut Beach. Without further doing here is the Ultimate Guide to Pasut Beach Bali.

Pasut Beach Bali

How to Get at Pasut Beach Bali

Pasut Beach is located in the Tabanan area of ​​Bali or you could say the area to the west of Bali.

It takes approximately 4 hours from Ngurah Rai airport or about 1.5 hours from Canggu.

The road to this beach tends to be narrow, so it will be easier if you use Scooters but this road is still passable by car.

Google Maps to Pasut Beach

you can book at Rent Scooter Canggu with Delivery and they will deliver your scooter to the hotel directly.

For motorbike rentals, the price ranges from 80k – 200k per day depending on the type of motorbike you are renting.

Parking for cars is not too wide, so you need to make more effort to find parking if you use a car.

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Pasut Beach Bali Opening Times

Pasut Beach Bali, Open 24 hours.

This beach tends to be one of the hidden gems in Bali, there is no parking management.

for you to be careful with your luggage and don’t put it on your scooters.

Pasut Beach Bali Entrance Fee

For now, access to Pasut Beach is free of charge.

Time to Visit Pasut Beach Bali

The best time to go to Berawa Beach is during Dry Sessions or around April – September. in this month it rarely rains and you can get sunny weather all day.

In Dry Sessions, you can relax and enjoy the hot sun with an average temperature of 28° C.

In contrast to the Wet Session at the end of the year, you will likely find more cloudy weather than sunny days.

Pasut Beach is one of the beaches with the widest black sand in Bali. The black sand will be very hot if it is exposed to the sun.

Pasut Beach Bali
Pasut Beach Bali
Pasut Beach Bali

Prepare your Sandals if you go to this beach during the day.

There are no supermarkets on this beach, you have to prepare your food, drinks and mattresses from home.

Going to this beach will be more perfect if you visit at sunset. Coconut trees accompanied by an orange sunset will close your beautiful day in Bali.

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What to Expect at Pasut Beach Bali

Black Sands, Palm Trees and Hidden Gems!!

Our first experience travel to this place was incredible, super quite everything here is just natural black sands which are so wide there are no fancy restaurants only local culture.

Pasut Beach Bali
Pasut Beach Bali
Pasut Beach Bali

When you arrive at Pasut Beach you will be greeted with beautifully setup coconut trees.

You can also ride your scooters if the beach water is receding, the sand of Pasut Beach is quite hard so you can ride your motorbike while going around the Pasut beach, but still be careful, guys.

Waiting for the sunset moment accompanied by coconut trees blowing in the wind is the perfect moment to close your day in Bali, especially at Pasut Beach.

Visiting the Hidden Gem in Bali, Pasut Beach is a must for those of you who are traveling to Bali.

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