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5 Thing Longboard Vs Shortboard Which is better?- Ultimate Guide

Longboard Vs Shortboard. Which one is better ? Here we will breakdown in more detail the differences and utility between these two boards.

The first surfing references were found in Polynesia. Cave painting from the 12th Century show people riding on waves.

In the course of seafarings, Polynesians brought surfing to Hawaii and the sport went viral. Surfing in Hawaii wasn’t only a sport but also an important part of the religion.

The tree choice was vital and religious rituals were practiced during the surf board shaping. The ceremonies served as protection and to secure the gods’ goodwill. 

Everybody surfed – men, women, children, kings – but there was a strict rule system that regulated who could surf on which spot.

And now the surfing industry has grown bigger and wider. With the entry of surfing to the Olympics, in 2020 which was held in Tokyo, Japan and Italo Ferierra, surf athletes came from Brazil.

With the inclusion of Surf sports in Olympic, more and more people know about surf sports. With this surfing is becoming more and more developed and more and more people know.

With the development of this surfing sport, more and more people want to learn to surf and for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Knowing which surfboard is good for you and for the waves you are going to surf will help you to improve your surf skills and find your fashion in the surf world.

Through this article we will help you to differentiate longboard vs shortboard and you can find out which one is more suitable for you and which surfboard you use for certain waves.

Without further ado, here is  5 Thing Longboard Vs Shortboard Which is better?- Ultimate Surf Guide and all the info.

Here are 5 Thing Longboard Vs Shortboard Which is better?- Ultimate Surf Guide

Which one is better ? Here we will breakdown in more detail the differences and utility between these two boards.

1. Shape

For beginner or intermediate surfers, the easiest thing to distinguish between these two are of course the shape.

But from shape we will explain in more detail what parts of the shape you should know to determine the difference between Longboard Vs Shortboard.

1.1 Length

longboard vs Shortboard

The easiest thing to distinguish is the length of the surfboard between Longboard vs Shortboard.

The length of a surfboard that can be called a longboard from 8.5 ft to 9.6 ft. And short boards from 6.5 to the smallest size around 5 ft shortboards.

The length will help the Longboard to gain more speed in small, soft waves. And the Shortboard size will help you have more control over riding fast and powerful waves.

1.2 Wide

longboard vs Shortboard

Of course the width of the board between these two are much different.

The width of the longboard is approx 23 – 24, and the width of the shortboard is approx 19 – 20.

The width of the longboard allows us to get quite good stability for those of us who are beginners or have not mastered surfing techniques and the width of the shortboard helps us to balance and facilitate maneuvers in riding fast waves and strong waves.

1.3 Volume

longboard vs Shortboard

In addition to the different widths, the volume of Longboard vs Shortboard also has a much significant difference.

The volume of the surrounding longboard 3 – 3, 1/8 and the volume of the shortboard is around 2,8 – 2,9.

The volume of this longboard helps us to be more afloat and can still get speed when the waves are small and the volume of this shortboard helps us to stabilize and facilitate sharp maneuvers in strong and fast waves.

1.4 Nose Board

longboard vs Shortboard

Now we will discuss one of the important factors of the surf board section.

So the shape of the longboard nose board tends to be oval so this helps us to do the “hang ten technique” which is a technique that goes forward until it touches your nose board in riding waves.

And the nose board shape of this shortboard tends to be sharper and curves slightly upwards, so the nose board of this shortboard will help us in taking off fast and steep waves.

1.5 Fins

longboard vs Shortboard

The last difference is the fins of these two boards.

Longboards have wide and large fins and only 1 so this helps the longboard in controlling balance in riding small waves and also helps in turning in small waves.

While the shortboard has smaller fins than the longboard, having 3 fins will help the shortboard control balance and make it easier to maneuver in strong and fast waves.

2. Benefit

2.1 Slow Waves

Slow waves generally a good choice is a longboard.

With slow and soft waves, longboards tend to be more fun when we can still surf when the waves are small because the length, width and volume of the longboard are much higher than the shortboard.

Surfers generally prefer longboards in conditions of small waves and gentle.

2.2 Fast & Powerfull Waves

In fast waves and powerfull Shortboard will be the right choice.

With fast and powerful waves, the shortboard is more able to control the balance and speed of the waves.

So when conditions like this, most surfers will choose a shortboard for their surf session.

2.3 Slow Maneuvers

longboard vs Shortboard

In general, when performing slow maneuvers, the longboard is superior.

Because its size is much larger than the shortboard, it makes it easier for surfers to perform slow maneuvers.

And in general, beginner or intermediate surfers are still learning to practice their maneuvers using the longboard because of its stability which makes it easier for beginner surfers to learn slow maneuvers.

2.4 Fast Maneuvers

longboard vs Shortboard

For fast maneuvers, surfers will generally choose Shortboard.

Due to its smaller size and fins that help us to do fast maneuvers, Shortboard is a favourite choice for doing fast maneuvers in riding fast and powerful waves.

2.5 Paddle

When the paddle returns to your surfing level.

If your surfing level is still a beginner or intermediate you will find it much easier to paddle and improve your muscles first by using a longboard.

Due to its larger size and more floating in the water, it will make it easier for you to paddle on the water. And if your level has reached advanced and pro then it will be easier for you to paddle using a shortboard in your paddle process.

3. Frequently Asked Question

Is a longboard easier than a shortboard?

longboard or shortboard for beginners ? the answer is absolutely Longboard.

Because of its larger shape, the longboard will be more stable and float more in the water.

So the paddle process and riding waves will be easier.

Can a beginner ride a shortboard? Surfboards for Beginners

No, Based on the shape and size of the shortboard which is relatively smaller and this makes the shortboard more unstable on the water.

This moment will make it difficult for beginner surfers.

When should I switch to shortboard?

If your muscles have developed and you no longer feel tired during the paddle process and your balance is good on the longboard then you can switch to a smaller board.

It is recommended to slowly lower your board size from 9.0 ft to 8.5 ft and so on.

Not directly from the longest size directly to the shortest.

4.Wrap it up

So which is better between Longboard vs Shortboard? so the answer depends on your level and the type of waves you are aiming for.

If your level is still beginner or intermediate or you want to surf in slow waves then the choice is longboard.

and you are at an advanced or pro level and are on a beach where the waves are fast and powerful, then the shortboard is the choice.

So it depends on your own surf level and wave conditions.

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